Success Stories

What is Success and how is it measured? 

Success can look different for every individual, and we recognize that success comes in all shapes and sizes.  

Sometimes, success means simply learning that you ARE capable of succeeding in school.

Sometimes, success means that you learn how to hope for the future and dream of greater things.

Sometimes, success means that you are the first member in your family to graduate high school.

Sometimes, success means that you have seen what a functional marriage and a "present and available" father looks like, and you commit to the same for your family. 

Sometimes, success means that you learn not only how to work, but develop an inspiration to work and provide for yourself and your family, ultimately giving back to society. 

Always, learning that you have value, that you are loved by God and others, and that He has a plan and a purpose for your life is the ultimate measure of success - an accomplishment we dream of and fight for, for all of the children in our care.   


Giving Back

Some of the most exciting success stories from Boys Farm come from our Alumni Group, who genuinely recognize and appreciate the benefits that Boys Farm brought to their life, to the point they are inspired to give back. 

Perhaps one of the greatest testimonies of the life change that Boys Farm can help provide is Jon Wooten.  Jon spent a significant portion of his time growing up as a resident of Boys Farm, and now with a heart of giving back and changing lives for the glory of God, Jon has served as a relief houseparent at Boys Farm for over 8 years.  Jon has a unique perspective, having lived here as a boy, and is a blessing in helping the boys understand and appreciate all that Boys Farm offers.