Boys Farm Ambassadors

Boys Farm Ambassadors are essential individuals who understand and support the work the LORD is doing here at Boys Farm by sharing with people they already know.  

This is a unique role, as this is not a request to give money directly or to ask others to financially support our ministry.  Boys Farm Ambassadors are simply sharing the good news about what God is accomplishing in the lives of boys here.  

By being a Boys Farm Ambassador, you can help individuals and organizations learn more about what we do, and the ways they can help through prayer, serving, and practical giving.

To learn more about being a Boys Farm Ambassador, please contact Tim Raymond - - to learn more.  

Ambassador Roles

Sharing with family and friends

All it takes is a simple conversation: "Have you heard about the work the Lord is doing at the Boys Farm?".  Sharing the good news of transformed lives is a great way to support us. 

By helping family get connected with what you are already passionate about, we grow awareness of the needs in our local community!

Sharing with Your place of business

Businesses constantly engage in service projects, charitable giving, and community engagement to support local non-profits.   

By helping your employer and coworkers become aware of Boys Farm, this opens doors for cooperation, community awareness, volunteers and supporters! 

Sharing with your church fellowship

Boys Farm is a non-denominational Christian charitable organization, and we consider the Church a strong partner in ministry, regardless of denomination. 

We not only provide a local resource for service projects, missions work, and potential full-time ministry but we also provide a resource for families in crisis. 

Open Doors, 

Warm Welcome

Ambassadors "open doors" providing a warm reception to phone calls, mail that gets opened not overlooked, and personal connection that inspires people to learn more.  

Together, we can reach the community in a a powerful and effective way, ensuring the continued growth of this incredible ministry!