Reins of Hope: Christian Counseling and Equestrian Therapy

Devoted to continuing to meet this growing need in the population we serve, the Boys Farm board of directors unanimously approved plans in February 2024 to expand and improve the services we offer to at-risk youth and families by providing individual on-site Christian counseling services for each of our clients. Boys Farm is exceptionally proud to introduce “Reins of Hope”; a new program designed to meet that need head on, ensuring the highest level of quality care. 

  • Phase 1: Licensed Professional Christian Counselor

    The first phase of Reins of Hope is to provide on-site counseling services through a full-time Licensed Professional Counselor.  Boys Farm is seeking a passionate male Christian LPC to join us in serving at-risk children and families in crisis!  This position offers a full-time salary with a flexible 32-hour work week, no insurance billing, consistent residential clients, and a beautiful campus to facilitate a variety of activities for sessions.  Boys Farm could be the perfect opportunity for you to serve the LORD locally and help transform lives!  


  • PHASE 2: multi-use barn construction

    The second phase of Reins of Hope is the site preparation and construction of a multi-use barn, renovating the agricultural area of campus and improving facilities to ensure that the needs of the Reins of Hope program are met, as well as other agricultural programs.  Boys Farm is currently finalizing site grading and construction plans, and we are eager to share formal construction schedules as we move forward. 

    The Reins of Hope equestrian center will serve as a long-term facility that showcases our commitment to excellence and provides for the needs of children for decades to come. 


  • Phase 3: Covered Riding Arena Construction

    The third phase of Reins of hope is the construction of a covered riding arena, providing year-round access to services and programs in an area that is specifically suited and safe for individual and group work through equestrian therapy.  

    Boys Farm is honored and excited to recognize the GK Foundation's efforts and commitment to raise funds for a covered riding arena.  Dr. Justin Martin of Pelzer, SC and the GK Foundation have become active supporters of Boys Farm, and their goal in fundraising for the covered riding arena is to honor Dr. Scott Hancock in recognition of his life accomplishments, his friendship, and his tremendous contribution to the veterinary field and community.  

  • Phase 4: Equine Assisted Services

    The fourth phase of Reins of Hope includes introducing services provided by an Equine Assisted Service provider, working closely with the Licensed Professional Counselor, to facilitate therapeutic activities. 

    Research highlights the benefits of Animal Assisted Services, including improved companionship, socialization, personal confidence, reduction in emotional blunting, personal space/boundary improvement, progress in attachment issues, improved reflectivity and meta-cognition, improved communication skills, heightened self-awareness, and self-control (White-Lewis, 2020).  Equine Assisted Services also improves physical condition, improving core strength, balance, and agility.  Additional benefits include improved attention, cognition gains, increase in attachment bonds, friendship, encouragement, physical fitness, happiness, socialization, improved quality of life, ability to trust, decreases in spasticity, and increased self-efficacy.

  • Phase 5: Internship and expansion

    The fifth phase of Reins of Hope incorporates the support of local organizations such as 4H, FFA, and local university programs.  By providing internship and learning opportunities for our future leaders, Boys Farm will facilitate a symbiotic relationship improving the personnel resources for Reins of Hope while training and developing future Equine Assisted Service Providers and counselors, preparing future Kingdom workers to make a tremendous impact wherever they go. 

    Boys Farm is particularly excited to welcome Christian Counseling interns from Columbia International University for future practicum and internship opportunities,  as well as Lander University Equestrian students seeking their P.A.T.H. certification.   

  • Phase 6: offering additional services to meet community needs

    The sixth phase of Reins of Hope meets an immediate and growing need for service providers to help individuals and families.  The need for the services provided by Reins of Hope expands far beyond the clients we immediately serve at Boys Farm, and future growth of the program includes the opportunity to offer individual child or adolescent counseling, family counseling,  and equestrian assisted therapy to other members of our local community. 

    Boys Farm has a tremendous opportunity to fulfill our commitment to serving at-risk children and families in crisis through Reins of Hope and we are excited about the opportunities that we can increase the impact we have in transforming lives, healing families, and lending a helping hand all for God's glory.