• december 2023

    Merry Christmas from all of the Boys Farm Family!

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  • NOVEMBER 2023

    As the holidays are upon us, we are choosing gratitude!

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  • OCTOBER 2023

    The seasons are changing! 

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  • SEPTEMBER 2023

    Back to school time is here! 

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  • August 2023

    Goodbye summer, hello new school year! 

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  • July 2023

    A year in review! 

    2o23 Annual Profile

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  • June 2023

    Thank you to our AMAZING volunteers!

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  • May 2023

    Graduation is RIGHT around the corner! 

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  • april 2023

    It's time to celebrate the vision of Mama and Pop Shealy and 63 years of ministry! 

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  • MARCH 2023

    It takes time and effort to find the hidden treasure. 

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  • February 2023

    Will you be our valentine? 

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  • September 2022

    Restoring lives, and redeeming lost time! 

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  • January 2023

    A new year, full of new promises and continued hope for the future!

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  • December 2022

    Christmas is in full swing at Boys Farm!

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  • November 2022

    Thank you for an amazing volunteer day!

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  • October 2022

    This year's Fall Festival was the best turnout yet!

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