What type of children do you serve?

We accept new placements of boys 6-14 years of age as space is available. Once admitted boys can stay through age 21 if in a vocational or college program. Our boys, for the most part, come from families with difficult situations. Our purpose is to offer these boys a haven from troubled home-life before the ill-effects leave an indelible mark on these children's young lives.

How are children placed at Boys Farm?

An application is filled out with an interview of the child and his parent/guardian. The child is taken on a tour and allowed to ask questions so they can learn about life at our group home facility. For an application, contact the office at 803-276-5910 or email at patti@boysfarm.org, or see our resident application page.  Every effort is made to determine whether Boys Farm, Inc. is the best placement for each individual before a final decision is made. 


Who places children at Boys Farm?

The child's parents/guardians can place a child at Boys Farm, Inc.  Children are recommended to Boys Farm, Inc. by individuals, mental health workers, churches, and others who know of the ministry that Boys Farm provides. You can recommend children in your community that could benefit from living at Boys Farm, Inc.

What are the costs involved?

The cost per family depends on the family's financial situation. No child is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. Further information about costs can be obtained from admissions personnel at Boys Farm Inc.

Where is Boys Farm Located?

Boys Farm is conveniently located between Greenville and Columbia on South Carolina Hwy 34/121 (Saluda Highway) one mile east of the Newberry, SC city limits on 300 acres of land. Our facility has 3 cottages, a dining hall, gymnasium, office, director's cottage, ball fields, and pasture land. Please visit when in the area.

How long has Boys Farm been in existence?

Boys Farm, Inc. was founded August 15, 1960 by Rev. and Mrs. W.D. Shealy who financed the home in the early years from their own resources and the donations of interested friends. Boys Farm: A History by Dr. James Skinner III chronicles the story of Mom and Pop Shealy's "calling" to found a home for disadvantaged boys to the present.

Are my donations tax exempt?

Yes. Boys Farm was incorporated in 1964 and was awarded 501c(3) status by the IRS, making contributions to our nonprofit organization tax deductible. Receipts are provided for tax purposes. Boys Farm, Inc. is licensed by the South Carolina Department of Social Services and has a valid solicitation permit. Boys Farm, Inc. is a member of PAFCAF, SECCA and NAHSC which recognizes charitable nonprofit organizations ministering to children in need.

How does Boys Farm operate?

Boys Farm, Inc. is a "faith mission" dependent upon God and the generosity of interested individuals, churches, clubs, parents and other groups who provide regular cash donations as well as food, clothing, labor and other assistance with day-to-day operations.

What does it cost for a child to live a Boys Farm?

Currently, it costs approximately $29,000 per year to feed, clothe and educate a child. No child has ever been turned away due to lack of support. Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide support based on their ability. 

How can I help Boys Farm?

Give generously and regularly. Make donations in honor or in memory of a loved one. Ask your church or employer to place Boys Farm, Inc. on the list for support. Purchase and give Boys Farm: A History to your pastor and others to read. Invite us to tell the story of this faith mission work to your organization. Provide the names of individuals, churches, foundations and others interested in receiving the monthly newsletter. Pray that God will continue to provide the day-to-day needs of the children and staff at a ministry that is needed today more than ever before.